20140829_142844As Fall rolls in we all know what plants we are going to buy, MUMS! Mums are the staple plant during the fall season because of their beautiful variety of colors. Colors include gold, white, burgundy, red, orange, pink, purple and yellow. Not only are the colors spectacular but their blooms last for weeks and weeks on end. Mums look  great in mass planting’s as well in a container planting. When putting them in a container planting try adding other plants such as Kale, Cabbage, and grasses for a full fall effect. Continue reading Mums

September Tips

Fall is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, bareroot perennials and bulbs.

Start pansy & viola seed for bloom next spring

Watch your compost pile. This is a good time to add an activator for brown leaves & lawn trimmings

Check your lawn for grub activity. Sure signs are brown patches of lawn with turf that you can peel back. Another sign is increased activity of skunks, raccoons and moles in your lawn. Treat with dylox, oftanol or diazinon to eliminate grubs.

Plant spring flowering bulbs. Plan on the end of this month. Fertilize and water in well.

Plant fall pansy, flowering cabbage and kale. They all love the cooler night temps that come with autumn in New England.

Fall is a great time to seed or re-seed your lawn. Keep grass seed moist until germination occurs. Add weed-free straw or salt marsh hay to hold seed in place.

Preparing Your Fall Garden Beds

Are you overloaded with new ideas for perennial beds and borders after visiting friends or public display gardens? Seen lots of unfamiliar and interesting new plants at the nursery? If so, fall is an excellent time to prepare fall garden beds for planting now or in the spring. The cooler temperatures, weaker sunlight and shorter days of fall mean less energy goes into top growth and more into establishing a strong root system. Planting in this area can usually continue through October. Continue reading Preparing Your Fall Garden Beds