Wreaths, Roping, Swags & Holiday Greens!!

Holiday decorating starts with Town & Country Nurseries. We have all that you need for this holiday season. We carry a large selection of stunning Holiday Greens, Roping, Wreaths, Kissing Ball, Poinsettias, Boxwood Trees and much more!


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Holiday Greens:

  • Boxwood Tips
  • Holly (variegated)
  • Incense Cedar
  • Gold-Tipped Cedar Bunches
  • Noble Fir Tips
  • White Pine
  • Blueberry Cedar
  • Green Cedar
  • Port Orford Cedar
  • Juniper Bunches

Balsam Wreaths:

Balsam (12″, 18″, 30″ & 36″)


12″ & 18″ Oregon Wreath with Cones


German Boxwood Wreath

German boxwood



  • Fraser Fir
  • White Pine/ Balsam 
  • Balsam

Mini Swags

mini swag'

Classic Oregon Swag

oregon swag
Cemetery Pots & Blankets

Cedar Log Planter


boxwood tree
Boxwood Tree


Cut Christmas Trees

Cut Christmas Trees Have Arrived!

We have a beautiful selection of Fraser Fir and Balsam Trees.

Holiday Tree Care:
Nothing enhances a festive mood like the scent of fresh evergreens. Follow these tips to make the most of your holiday greenery:
  • Choose a Christmas tree that has firm needles that don’t fall from branches when handling the tree. Individual needles should bend rather than snap if you pinch them between your fingers. Also, inspect the stump; the cut end of a fresher tree will be moist and may have some sticky sap on it yet.
  • When you get the tree home, cut 2 inches off the base of the trunk. Plunge the freshly cut stump into a bucket of water. Trees can absorb 1 gallon of water in the first 24 hours. Check the water level in your tree stand twice a day for the first week. Add water as needed. Each day, trees can drink roughly 1 quart of water for every inch of trunk diameter.
  • If your tree dries out, the wound likely healed over and stopped absorbing water. Make a fresh cut on the stump and it can absorb water again.
  • When decorating indoors, avoid placing fresh evergreens on wood surfaces. Sap from branches can damage the finish. Instead, place greenery on parchment, colorful felt, or fabric.
  • When Christmas is over, recycle your tree yourself: Cut off branches, and use as insulation over perennials. In spring, chip or shred branches to create mulch. Cut the trunk for firewood. Season it this year to burn next winter.