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Houseplants as an Indoor Nature Connection

TFeaturedImage-Houseplantshe mere presence of a lone Peace Lily tucked in the corner of the living room is nice. But, with a bit more thought and effort regarding placement, arrangement and interaction with houseplants, benefits similar to those received from being outdoors in nature can be achieved. Of course, this is all based on having more plants than one….lone…Peace Lily.  If a home is to truly be a plant boosted sanctuary, plants should be placed throughout the home. No worries – there are houseplants suited or adaptable to every level of light and a bit of research or experimentation will likely show there is really no need to be limited to one sunny windowsill. Continue reading Houseplants as an Indoor Nature Connection

Mini Garden Workshops

Miniature Garden Workshops

October 24th

December 12th

Please Register In Advance via  Facebook or by giving us call at (860) 345-8581

The workshop will provide you with everything you need to get started. You will be provided with a container, soil, plants and dried goods such as moss, rocks, pebbles, sand, shells, and bark. Then you get to choose three mini décor items for your garden. Some examples are a bird bath, pottery, animals, fairies, trolls and gardening tools. The last thing is a miniature house that you can decorate any way that you want. There will be paint, hot glue, and other dried goods provided to help decorate your mini home.

Our October and December workshops will be themed for the holidays. The October workshop will include SPOOKY Halloween decor and the December workshop will offer you holiday decor to make a winter wonderland for your fairies. 

CLICK HERE For More Information on the Workshops

Thanksgiving Décor from Nature

If you’re short on time and funds, or just have a serious disinterest in plastic pumpkins and turkeys that you have to store for 11 months, Mother Nature can give you a Thanksgiving décor assist. If you have a
yard or garden you can gather supplies right outside your door, but plenty of materials can be found at the farmer’s market and produce sections for little money. Additional items can be scavenged from the
autumn debris at a local park. So you don’t get carted to jail for “shopping” at the park; be mindful of what and how you glean.

Once you get back to the dining table, mantle or sideboard, keep your arrangements simple and use a mix of forms, colors and textures for quick, eye pleasing displays. A bright, white birch branch down the
center of the table with fallen leaves and colorful gourds and/or apples, in random clusters along each side, is a perfect example. Three mini pumpkins, some acorns and a chunky candle work well for a
smaller space and can be given a more polished looked by placing them on a decorative tray or cloth napkin. For a bit more drama and vertical interest – use twiggy branches, single or multiple, in bottles or
vases set amongst your arrangements or on their own. For a nod to the cornucopia tradition, tip a basket on its side and arrange autumn fruit and forage in a colorful tumble from within.

Suggested Materials:

  • Pinecones & Acorns
  • Dried Flower & Seed heads
  • Leaves
  • Twigs and Branches
  • Pumpkins, Squash, Gourds, Indian Corn
  • Apples, Pears, Grapes
  • Bottles, Vases, Baskets
  • Platters, Cloth Napkins, Table Runners
  • Candles

Cover It Up!

Cover Crops; repaying the soil for the benefits we reap

You may think that as the gardening season is winding down that it’s time to sit back and enjoy the harvest. Think again!

Consider the age old practice of planting a cover crop, which has been around throughout agricultural history. Many home gardeners assume that planting a cover crop is something that only farmers do. Not true! You too can grow more vigorous plants, harvest more fruit, pull fewer weeds and introduce beneficial insects to your garden plot with a small investment of your time and treasure. Let’s face it; one of the keys to having a successful home garden depends on good soil quality, and repeatedly growing plants year after year simply wears the soil out! Continue reading Cover It Up!

Gardening for the Birds

A Partnership in Growing Greener

Gardening with birds in mind is a great way to bring additional beauty and balance to your growing space. These winged wonders not only help with pollination and spreading of seeds, but offer chemical-free insect control as well. Adding a few site-matched Native varieties (more green points!) to your plantings will help ensure your garden supports, and gets support from, a diversity of local birds. Continue reading Gardening for the Birds

Autumn Jack-o-Lanterns

For many of us, the crisp days of autumn mean a bounty of pumpkins for carving jack-o-lanterns or baking scrumptious pies along with the ingathering of all the other fruits of our labor. But for countless backyard gardeners, autumn is the time to ‘strut their stuff’ before the crowds that gather time again, at local or even national pumpkin growing contests, to see who has grown the most gigantic pumpkin to take home the prize. Continue reading Autumn Jack-o-Lanterns