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Tips for Annual Selection & Care

DSC03972Choose Well

To ensure attractive healthy annuals all season, choose full, well branched plants with good foliage color and – on flowering annuals – an abundance of buds. Don’t go for the biggest plants or most open blooms, these are more likely to be leggy and burned out too soon. If the latter is all you find, you can improve their appearance and longevity by pruning them back by about one third to encourage branching and fresh growth. Continue reading Tips for Annual Selection & Care

Houseplants as an Indoor Nature Connection

TFeaturedImage-Houseplantshe mere presence of a lone Peace Lily tucked in the corner of the living room is nice. But, with a bit more thought and effort regarding placement, arrangement and interaction with houseplants, benefits similar to those received from being outdoors in nature can be achieved. Of course, this is all based on having more plants than one….lone…Peace Lily.  If a home is to truly be a plant boosted sanctuary, plants should be placed throughout the home. No worries – there are houseplants suited or adaptable to every level of light and a bit of research or experimentation will likely show there is really no need to be limited to one sunny windowsill. Continue reading Houseplants as an Indoor Nature Connection

Miniature Gardening

Creating Your Fairy/ Troll Garden

When creating your own miniature garden in your home there a few things to consider. First whether you want to create your garden in a container or in your garden bed. Where you decide to create your miniature garden helps to determine what plants you choose. When choosing a location for your mini garden, first consider  how much light your garden will receive throughout the day. Continue reading Miniature Gardening