We carry a large selection of pottery- large planters, terra-cotta pots, ceramic dish gardens, hand-painted pottery from Mexico, Hum Pots, small pots that are perfect for succulents and so much more!



Imagine a vegetable garden taking up about 3 square feet…on your deck or patio. For that matter why not put it in that sunny spot in front of the garage? If you don’t like it there how about by the back door? A moveable garden? Certainly! Such is the flexibility and convenience of container gardening. It is frustrating when that perfect spot for a vegetable garden also happens to be your driveway. How would you like to add a bit of color in a shady spot under a maple? Sound impossible? Well, that can be solved by a whiskey barrel loaded with brightly colored impatients. In the fall you could plant that same planter with spring flowering bulbs and pansies for a spectacular early show. Don’t feel limited to whiskey barrels; there is