Water Garden Plants

We carry a variety of water garden plants to make your water feature a haven. Water plants are categorized in the following manner: hardy perennials, tropical annuals, oxygenators and floaters.

Hardy water plants and tropicals are placed in the water feature inside their pots. Some, like pond lilies and lotus, need to be placed on the bottom of the pond (at least 3 feet deep). Other pond plants are placed on shallow shelves within the structure of the pond, such as pickerel rush and dwarf papyrus.

Oxygenators are plants that provide the water with more oxygen. Generally, they float in the pond and are vital if the pond stocks any fish. Floaters are, like the name suggests, plants which float on the surface of the water, such as water lettuce and water hyacinths. They are primarily for aesthetic purposes however, they provide much needed shade for fish in the pond.

pond plants