Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here for over 65 Years—- Three generations in the same quaint town.


This is a picture (above) of the original garden center 30 years ago. Today our garden center has changed dramatically and the picture below represents what our store front looks like today.





When Frank started the business in 1952, we were primarily an arborist business with a small garden center. At that time, our landscape material consisted of about 20 shrubs and tree items, some bare-root perennials, and some flats of annuals which Irene would divide individually for the customers, and wrap them in newspaper. Their five children would all take turns “watching the store” and generally helping out around the nursery as they grew. I can remember in the 70’s when I came to the nursery, Frank and I would go to the regional market early on Saturday mornings in his station wagon to pick up enough annuals for the week.

Things have changed significantly in that regard. Annuals are shipped to us weekly, about 200 flats at a time. The variety of plant material has risen almost as fast as gas prices and many of our annuals are grown on site.  In addition, we have added a fresh produce farm stand and a full service florist department to our business.

Through the years the family faces have changed somewhat, but we were still all “kin.” The most important aspect of our business remains the same. We are still first and foremost a family business in every sense of the word. We truly enjoy our work and more importantly, enjoy the people with whom we work and serve. We are grateful that you have helped us keep going and growing.  All of our customers are old friends or new.

We are privileged to be in a profession which allows us to deal with beauty and nature on a full-time basis, a profession which allows us to share these same things with our friends and neighbors.