Color Your World With Annuals

 We carry a large selection of ANNUALS, HANGING BASKETS, HERBS, SUCCULENTS, VEGETABLES AND TROPICAL PLANTS in our Green Houses.(Seasonal May-June)

Caring For Your Annuals:

  • The right amount of sunlight is very important for a successful annual planting. Some prefer a lot of sunlight while others like shade. Take into consideration whether your annuals will receive morning or afternoon sun before planting. Afternoon sun is during the heat of the day and it may be too strong for some annuals causing them to burn. Some annual plants are able to be planted in either the sun or shade.
  • Placing your annual plants in the right soil will help your plants get off to the right start. We provide an excellent selection of potting soils and container and planting mixes.
  • Fertilize your annuals on a 10-14 day schedule to ensure continuous blooms for the growing season. Flowering annuals need a higher amount of phosphorous and potassium to reach their full potential. Bloom booster flower food by Miracle-Gro is specially formulated to promote big plants and beautiful blooms. Though most of the time an all purpose fertilizer is perfectly fine for your annuals.  We carry a large selection of organic plant fertilizers as well.
  • Watering your annuals is very important ,especially during the hot, dry months. Though some annuals, such as impatiens, prefer moist soil, there are others, like geraniums, that prefer a drier soil.
  • Once you have planted your annuals in the ideal exposure, given them the right amount of water and enhanced their soil, what else do you have to worry about? Most annuals are easy care plants but others do require a little more attention. Dead-heading, which is removing old blooms, can be very important for continual blooms on certain annuals. Some annuals which require dead-heading include: ageratum, celosia, coleus, cosmos, geraniums, marigolds, salvia, and zinnias. Dead-heading your annuals will also make them look more beautiful.
Sun Loving: Shade Loving:
Dahlias Begonia
Gerbera Coleus
Snapdragons Fushia
Cosmo Impatiens
Geraniums Torenia
Argyranthemum Browallia
Heliotrope Caladium
Salvia Lobelia