Pesticides encompass a broad range of products from herbicides and fungicides to insecticides and miticides. We carry a variety of products to rid your garden of common nuisances. We have both organic and chemical solutions.

Herbicides are products which get rid of weeds in unwanted areas. Herbicides are either broad range or specific meaning they can kill either all plant material or focus on specific targeted plants (weeds). We carry herbicides that range from ridding your perennial beds of grassy weeds to ones that kill poison ivy. We carry a variety of brand names including Ortho and Bayer. We also carry an organic herbicide called ‘Burn Out’ made from lemon juice and vinegar.

Fungicides help get rid of fungal diseases on plant material including powdery mildew, black spot and rusts. The majority of our fungicides are organic. Our brand names include Bayer, Bonide and Safer. Fungicides are one step in the process of attacking fungal diseases. Fungus is spread generally because of a lack of air circulation or unsanitary practices (i.e. Cleaning diseased leaves from under and on the plant.) Fungicides, along with insecticides and miticides, are best sprayed when the temperatures are below 80° to prevent injury to the plant.

Insecticides and miticides work in two ways, either by discouraging chewing or by smothering the insect or mite. It is important to know what pest you are treating for and how they do their damage when choosing the appropriate product. Our insecticides and miticides include brand names such as Ortho, Safer, Bonide and Bayer. We are able to provide assistance for both the organic and the “inorganic” customer. We carry products for both chewing and sucking insects and are happy to help diagnose an unhealthy plant if a sample is provided.

Along with our selection of herbicides, fungicides insecticides and miticides we carry a variety of products to rid the garden of other unwanted critters. We carry products to discourage or rid the garden of moles. We have repellents for deer, voles, rabbits, groundhogs and many other creatures you would rather enjoy in nature than nibbling on your hostas.

We are happy to take the time in assisting you with your gardening needs and welcome the chance to help you grow your best garden yet!