When creating a garden for the butterflies you need to keep in mind what kind of butterflies are native to your area since each species prefers different nectar and host plants. But if you have a lot of diversity in flowers you are sure to attract more butterflies.

Butterfly gardens can vary in size; they can be a window box, a landscaped area or a wild unattended area. Your garden should have at least 5-6 hours of sunlight a day since butterflies like to warm themselves. Be sure there is water nearby such as a rain bucket or just a mud puddle kept moist. DO NOT use a birdbath or a dish of water, they will be unable to drink the water. Butterflies need protection from the wind as well.


Butterflies Need Two Types of Plants in the Garden.

NECTAR PLANT: Provide Food For The Adult Butterflies.

There are many nectar plants our there for butterflies but the top three nectar bearing food plants that butterflies love are Butterfly Weed, Purple Cone Flowers and the New England Aster.  CLICK HERE for more information on nectar plants

HOST PLANTS: Provide Food For Their Offspring.

Butterfly host plants are so important to the butterflies because it provides a site for the butterfly to lay its eggs and also a food source for the emerging caterpillar. Be prepared for heavy munching on these plants. CLICK HERE for more information on host plants.

Butterflies are attracted to bright flowers with flat tops that make it easy for them to land and feed. They also enjoy many herbs such as pineapple sage, basil, parsley, dill and thyme. It is very important that you DO NOT USE pesticides in your garden.


These website’s provide more information about butterfly gardening: