Planting Guide

The Better Your Plants Grow The Better We Both Look

With Spring upon us means it’s time to get to planting. It is very important to properly plant your new shrub/tree.  Here is a simple guide to follow to insure a healthy and thriving plant for many years to enjoyment.

1. Dig a hole a foot larger and same depth as the root ball.

2 & 3. Set tree in hole at the same level as in the container or the burlap.

4. Cut twine on bur-lapped plants and cut all burlap back from the trunk. If plants in container appear root bound, score roots.

5. Fill topsoil around root ball. Topsoil should be mixed with compost, peat or composted manure, fill half way. Water thoroughly and finish backfilling.

6. Leave saucer-like depression and re-water. Fill depression with mulch to match existing ground.


Tips For Watering

New plants are more likely to dry. When watering, wet soil enough to soak thru to base of root ball. Water twice a week during hot weather unless there is 1″ of rain per week.

NO TE: Too Much Water is as harmful as too little.

Fertilizing: DO NOT fertilize with a commercial fertilizer until the second growing season.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail with any questions or problems you may have.