Prepping Your Garden For Winter: A Step-By-Step Guide 

The chill in the air heralds the time to prepare our gardens for the winter slumber. At Town & Country Nurseries, we share your enthusiasm for nurturing plants and are here with a bespoke guide to help you ready your garden for the colder months. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

  1. Garden Clean-Up Initiate your winter prep by clearing out spent plants, weeds, and litter from your garden beds. This tidying up isn’t just for aesthetics—it thwarts pests and diseases from settling in for the winter, setting you up for a pristine start in spring.
  2. Trim and Shield While not every green friend requires a trim, those that do should be pruned back now. Snip away dead and diseased limbs and pare down perennials. Afterward, wrap vulnerable shrubs in burlap to shield them from biting winds and heavy snow.
  3. Lay Down Mulch A good layer of mulch acts as a blanket, helping to lock in soil moisture and buffer soil temperatures. Opt for straw, leaves, or wood chips to keep the weeds at bay come spring.
  4. Hydration is Key Cold weather doesn’t negate the need for watering. Ensure your plants, particularly evergreens and recent plantings, are well-watered to carry them through the winter dry spell.
  5. Container Plant Care Move your potted plants to a protected area or indoors to prevent frost damage. Wrapping pots, especially those made of terracotta, can prevent them from cracking when temperatures plummet.
  6. Enrich Your Veggie Garden Now is the ideal time to amend your vegetable garden soil with compost or manure. This allows the nutrients to integrate fully by spring, offering a rich, ready bed for planting.
  7. Lawn Maintenance Give your lawn a final mow, aerate it, and apply a winter-grade fertilizer. This pre-winter care fortifies the grass roots, ensuring a vibrant, green revival in spring.
  8. Tool Maintenance Take the time to clean, sharpen, and oil your garden tools. Storing them in a dry place prevents rust and prepares them for use in the next growing season.
  9. Plan Your Garden’s Future While enjoying your warm drinks, begin plotting next season’s garden. Browse seed catalogs, list new plants you’d like to introduce, and contemplate any garden layout changes.
  10. Support Winter Wildlife Install bird feeders and baths to attract birds. They not only bring life to your winter garden but also help control the pest population.

By following these steps, your garden will be well-equipped for the cold ahead. Your efforts now pave the way for a stunning, vibrant garden in spring. Should you have queries or need supplies, Town & Country Nurseries is at your service.

Enjoy the gardening season and keep warm!